Ryan Falcheck

Ryan Falcheck is extremely proud to be a part of Almost Famous Theater Company since it’s inception and has studied with JAG for over five years. He is best-known as an actor in the company for playing Freddy in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Monster in Young Frankenstein and Manolo in The Female Odd Couple. Ryan is a Detroit native and currently lives in Phoenix. Ryan attended the Department of Music, Theater and Dance at Oakland University in Metro Detroit where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Performance. Ryan’s other passions include baseball, professional wrestling and film. Throughout his time thus far with the company, Ryan is thankful to the Williams for their ability to cultivate art through relationships, the unprecedented coaching and allowing the players and crew to enjoy valuable experience after valuable experience in the classroom of rehearsal as well as on the stage. He truly believes this is the best place for live theater in the Valley and encourages everyone to come play.

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