About Almost Famous Theater


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.51.09 AMTen years ago, two actors performed together in a play, fell in love and got married. As seasoned professional performers from Los Angeles and Chicago, they dreamed of opening their own theater company where they could share their insights and coach actors to develop their craft. Their hope was that one day their students would perform for a live audience thereby enhancing their skills, growing as artists and enriching the community.

The performers you will be enjoying this evening are professional acting students at Garth Williams Casting & Development. One day in the very near future you will see these actors on television and in films and say, “I saw them when they were Almost Famous.”

The theatrical experience magically materializes through the most important player in the production, YOU, the audience. Thank you for supporting our students and our production.

And they played happily ever after … Jan & Garth