2018 – 2019 Season Contributors

On behalf of the Almost Famous Theatre Company Foundation, we would like to thank these contributors for their generous donations.

Contributions like these make it possible for AFTC to transform lives on role at a time and bring joy to the community through the shared experience of live theater.

Since its inception in 2012, AFTC has helped hundreds of aspiring actors develop their craft and confidence by performing on stage for a live audience. It has enriched the community by providing outstanding and engaging storytelling that lifts spirits and connects hearts. This year, we will expand those opportunities and provide more roles and productions because of thoughtful contributions from people like these.

The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation

Lisa & Harley Barnes

Richard & Susan Doria
Anonymous Donor

Shawna & Mark Bonnett
Lisa & Brandon Dale
Jan & Garth Williams

Charles T. Hurst
Dr. Phillip Leavitt
Dr. Jerry & Cynthia Rosenstein

Anna Carlise
Tristin Miller
Jason Isaak
Nancy Rossman